Things to Do to Help in Spanish Class?

Answer Today, learning a foreign language is required in most school curricula and Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn and use. Learning a new language can be challenging but choosing th... Read More »

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Games to Help Teach Spanish to a Class?

Learning a foreign language can not only open up new careers and opportunities for students, it can also provide cognitive and developmental benefits, according to Duke University. The third most ... Read More »

I NEED a large motor game for my preschool class going along with the theme " Things That Grow." PLEASEE HELP?

I just did a unit on "Things that grow" for my student teaching, I just finished two days ago! You might just need to branch out with your subject a bit. Do some large motor with things that stretc... Read More »

How do you help a cousin who steals things lies uses things without asking has anger fits over little things is an overall jerk and doesn't pay attention in school to break their bad habits?

If he doesn't understand that what he is doing you can't help him. Talk to him and try to make him understand but at the end of the day you can't change anyone unless they want to change.

Things to Use in Science Class?

Science classes are a type of study that is required in most school systems. Students need appropriate equipment to conduct science experiments in the classroom and determine the outcome. There is ... Read More »