Things to Do Off of Interstate 70?

Answer Interstate 70 passes through various cities and towns across 10 states, with several landmarks and attractions along the route. The highway travels through diverse landscapes, from remote desert ca... Read More »

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How do you help a cousin who steals things lies uses things without asking has anger fits over little things is an overall jerk and doesn't pay attention in school to break their bad habits?

If he doesn't understand that what he is doing you can't help him. Talk to him and try to make him understand but at the end of the day you can't change anyone unless they want to change.

When did Interstate 15 open?

Interstate 15 first opened on December 14, 1973. It is over 1,400 miles long and runs through Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. You can reach Mexico and Canada from Interstate 1... Read More »

When was Interstate 5 completed?

Interstate 5 spans the West Coast from San Diego, California, to Blaine, Washington. The more than 1,300 mile roadway was completed on Oct. 22, 1966, just south of Canyonville, Oregon. I-5 connect... Read More »

Attractions on Interstate Five in California?

California's Interstate 5 spans the 800-mile length of the state, from San Diego to the small town of Hilt on the Oregon border--a main route between Los Angeles and the Bay Area following the Cali... Read More »