Things to Do After Being Terminated From My Job of 17 Years?

Answer Termination from a job after many years of working can be paralyzing. The first reactions may be hurt feelings along with panic about what to do next and how to go about it. There are some steps an... Read More »

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How to Reapply for Housing After Being Terminated?

If you receive housing through Section 8 and it has been terminated because of a contract violation, reapply to get your benefits restored. Not all Section 8 contracts can be reinstated -- if your ... Read More »

After being terminated, how long does an employee have to get COBRA?

Employers have thirty days to notify health care providers of an employee's termination. Employees then have sixty days from the date of notification to elect COBRA continuation coverage and anothe... Read More »

What to do after living with mom for years in nice home with quality things all stolen from siblings after her death and they lie and will not speak to me will not admit anything just I had easy life.?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to answer this for you or to make you feel better but child birth is difficult for everyone but at your age you will have extra obstacles and yes it does and will... Read More »

Can your employer cancel your insurance immediately after being terminated?

Answer Generally yes, if it's the end of the month after termination. There is probably COBRA afterwords.