Things that will make you go into labor?

Answer been looking for things that will put in labor. what should I try?

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What are the pressure points that will make you go into labor?

The function of amniotic fluid is to let the baby (or as they call it feotus) inhale and exhale whilst growing inside the mother.

What are good signs that you will go into labor in a week?

It is very hard to predict exactly when you will go into labor, but a few signs that labor is coming soon are: * Loss of your mucous plug* The baby drops* Braxton hicks contractions become stronger... Read More »

Will penrose oil make you go into labor?

If you are dilated or effaced will sex make you go into labor?

You shouldn't be having sex when you are dilated and or after 9 months pregnant. It could be dangerous to the unborn child. As for your question, It probably could bring on labor.