Things that feel good?

Answer can't you get a joint? their $5 each. pratically any household items can kill you, the best way is weed.

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Why does it feel soo good when i stick things in my ear :3?

OMG!! DO not stck things in your ear!! You know how people say that you could get hearing loss? Yeah okay well that can happen but what could happen and is MUCH MUCH worse than a little hearing los... Read More »

Weird question: Do you Mommies ever feel things in your belly that remind you of a baby?

omg...I feel this all the time! When our daughter was a newborn I would say to my fiancée that the doctor must have missed a twin lol. I get this in the evening sometimes and because we are TTC #2... Read More »

Vegans and vegetarians, do you feel guilty when you see meat, chicken, or fish that looks good or smells good?

Going in steps is good, but go with what your body tells you. Here's what I did: First I took out red meat around Oct/Nov of last year. However, I had one slip up where I was extremely hungry, a... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you eat a lot but some things don't sound good to you and make you feel sick by just thinking of them?

Answer Yes, but it could also be gallbladder, ulcers and any of a bunch of other problems. See a doctor.