Things You Must Have in Your 7th Grade Locker?

Answer Being prepared is a big part of being a successful student. In seventh grade, part of the training ground for high school, you can set the stage for future success and smooth sailing by knowing wha... Read More »

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What are some must have things in a girls purse?

well ive been using a bag since i was 12. u have 2 carry everything u nd personal like thngs dat u like n then u nd the emergency stuff. emergency stuff includeseye linereye shadowbronzerlip glossb... Read More »

Similar sayings to things ilke 'your name must be google cos your everything ive been searching for'?

First of all, these are called "pick-up lines". Second of all, I am not sure if you rae just looking for computer pick-up lines, but those aren't the best.-Are those moon pants, because you're but ... Read More »

How to Get Your Locker to Look Like Massie Block's Locker?

The alpha of the most popular clique in her school, The Pretty Committee, everyone wants to be Massie Block. Now you can have an amazing locker that looks just like Massie's!

How to Have a Makeup Bag for Your Locker?

Girl Opening LockerIn middle school or high school, you are probably going to start wearing makeup and have a locker. Whether you just need a touch up of your lip gloss or a new coat of eyeshadow, ... Read More »