Things That Skunks Do?

Answer When people think of skunks, the first thing that comes to mind is their ability to cause that infamous foul odor. But even though they don't have the best reputation, skunks are beneficial to huma... Read More »

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What is the cord called that is in the pc screen that has the pins and the 2 things to screw in?

Most people just call it a monitor cable. If you ask for that they will know what you mean. You can also search for it as such

Name some things that are bumpy that a Kindergartner might know.?

Pineapplepine conebuuble wrapspeed bumps on roadsbark on treeslego, duplorocks and stonesThese are just a few ideas of the top of my head.Good luck with your lesson

Where Women that were in the air force that did great things?

Air Force engineers worked along side with Boeing to create them.Who invented the Jet engine and jet powerd flight to make all future jet flight possible? ;)

Do those things that pop up on your computer that say you won free stuff ever work?

no but sites like prize rebel do work all u have 2 do is give fake info and u end up wit really sweet stufftry it…