Things That Live Under the Sea?

Answer The sea is home to a wide variety of interesting and beautiful animals. These animals include fish, sharks, shellfish, plants, whales, dolphins and seals. Learning and studying about life in the se... Read More »

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Of the things you've pursued in your live, what do you wish you had not given up on?

Name 25 things a person can do to live longer?

Use olive oil or canola oilLimit saturated fat in your dietDon't smokeDrink in moderationEat lots of fruits and vegetablesExercise and get a little sunlight each dayHave a good relationship with fa... Read More »

Three Things Reptiles Need to Live on Land?

Reptiles are designed to live on land. According to NASA, the two characteristics of a reptile that allow it to live on land are "scaly skins that keep them from drying out" and that they "lay eggs... Read More »

Strange Things That Live in People?

From parasites to micro-organisms, many strange things live in people. According to "Your Body Is a Planet," by Josie Glausiusz, the average human has roughly 90 trillion microbes. While the overwh... Read More »