Things That Cause Bad Breath?

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What are the germs that cause 'good' breath?

There's good bacteria....maybe that's what you mean...and acidophiles is found in yogurt with active cultures...the yogurt sure helped my dogs bad breath...

What are things that cause teen pregnancy?

SEX is the "cause" of teen pregnancy. Mix sex with immaturity, loneliness, need to feel love, raging hormones, lack of education, poor self control, the belief that everyone is doing it, failure to... Read More »

What are the 5 main things that cause heart attacks?

being over weight, eating the wrong diet, family history, poor level of activity & smoking.

What if you are pregnant and craving the things that cause miscarriage?

At the risk of loosing your baby I would say DON'T eat them. Go and talk to your doctor if they are uncontrollable.