Things That Are Conductors & Insulators?

Answer Whether a substance is an insulator or a conductor is determined at the level of the atom. In fact, insularity and conductivity is determined at the level of one electron orbiting the atom. If that... Read More »

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Lessons on Insulators & Conductors for Students?

Conductors are materials through which electricity can pass, while insulators do not let electricity pass through. These materials play a crucial role in electrical products. Students can safely cr... Read More »

The Advantages of Porcelain Insulators Over Glass Insulators?

In modern society, electricity makes the world go 'round. Just about every facet of our lives relies on electricity in one way or another. Of course, without the right insulators, the high-voltage ... Read More »

If a lineman can install 12 insulators in 183/4 hours, how many insulators should he be able to install?

Simplify everything first:18 3/4 hours = 13.5 hours total to install 12. this means he installs .888 insulators per hour (decimals don't matter till you interpret the answer later.)28 1/8 hours = 3... Read More »

I've read somewhere that "505" is a code that engineers or conductors of a train use. What does it mean?

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