Things People Have Done to Follow the Ten Commandments?

Answer The Ten Commandments have served a key role in the moral codes of conduct of both Judaism and Christianity for nearly 3500 years -- and people have struggled to obey them for just as long. With som... Read More »

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What are the craziest things people have done/said whilst looking at/holding your baby?

the other day there this old lady walked past us whilst we were holding our little boy and did a u-turn and came back up to us and rummaged about her carrier bags and pulled out a big birthday card... Read More »

How to Share Your Tasks With Other People and Get Things Done?

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How to Do Things You Have Never Done Before?

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What strange/funny things have you done...?

Ugh, I do that almost every night. And my son is 10 months old, sleeps through the night, and I'm not sleep deprived! I've always been a weird sleeper, always talked in my sleep. Every since I h... Read More »