Thin hair! but want Long hair. Help!?

Answer I had kind of the same issue. My hair was really damaged from dying it and getting a perm, it was real short too. Here's the tips I used and did my research on:When you take a shower- massage the t... Read More »

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My daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin!?

There is a name for what she does. It is called trichotillomania. People who have trichotillomania pull their hair out. I have known a number of kids who did this. Many experts believe that tri... Read More »

I have long thick hair and I want to curl it for christmas can you please help me?

I bought Babyliss curlers.. they're cheap and work a treat. My hair is Very long and Thick and i tend to find curls don't hold in but the babyliss curlers make tighter curls and they last a lot l... Read More »

How to Cut Long Thin Hair?

Statistics show that roughly 30 million American women have thinning hair. Of these women, 90% of the hair loss is genetic and needs to be treated with medication, but you can also experience tempo... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Knot in Long Thin Hair?

Thin hair can be difficult to manage, as it tends to break easily. If you have long thin hair, this can lend itself to tangles and knots. Getting a knot out of long, thin hair is a challenge as you... Read More »