Thigh bone fractured?

Answer Your age? If you are younger, I highly doubt it could be a fracture. I wonder if your joint popped? I was told by my chiropractor that it was nothing harmful, just painful, when something like that... Read More »

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How to Realign a Fractured Bone?

Fractured bones are broken bones that result from applying extreme pressure or excessive force. The severity of bone fractures range anywhere from hairline cracks to open bone breaks that will actu... Read More »

Why is my fractured zygomatic bone painless?

You dont have any injured nerve fibres near the Zygomatic bone, so it is painless.

Have I fractured my shin bone?

I can't tell from here. But massive bruising sounds more like a torn muscle than a hairline fracture.Next time, don't try to land on your feet. Just hit the ground and roll.

Fractured my tail bone,is it suppose to hurt this bad?

Tailbone pains are the WORST. I fractured my tailbone a few years ago, and it hurt for about a year, (although not so intensely after a while)I hope it gets better for you, but it's not unusual for... Read More »