Thick, Clear Mucus When I Blow My Nose?

Answer Is it like a butt load blowing out at the same time? This happened to me last year. Clear mucus indicates allergies. If you don't have allergies there is something inside you where it shouldn't be.... Read More »

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How long before labor will begin i am 34 weeks pregnant and I'm losing my mucus plug now in clumps it's clear and thick?

I know it seems like things are moving along quickly, but this is just a sign that your cervix is changing and not that labor is imminent. It is normal for women's cervices to soften and open. This... Read More »

Everytime i get a cold & blow my nose alot, i get like a sore on my nose, like a coldsore?

if it keeps reoccurring when you get a cold, it could be a cold sore (hepititis virus). As your immune system is down, it causes the virus to activate.Unfortunately if it is a cold sore virus in y... Read More »

Is the cervical mucus very white and thick during a early pregnancy?

Answer Hello there. Yes cervical mucus can be as you've described during pregnancy and it can also be very similar to ovulation discharge.

How thick is a 40 cal blow gun?

A .40 caliber blowgun is three-eighths of an inch thick. To determine the thickness of a blowgun, measure the distance between the inside walls. Knowing this information will help you find the appr... Read More »