Theyre doing 4 first response preg tests in BOOTS for 10.49 :-) just thought i should let everyone TTC know :D?

Answer cool thanks hun! thats super cheap, Amazon's were £14.00 for just 2!so that's a bargain :)xx***baby dust to all TTC!***

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Feeling nauseous abdominal hardness and pressure headaches period about 2 weeks late took 3 preg tests and were neg Could I be pregnant?

Answer It is possible that you are pregnant, but it sounds to me like you are about to start your period. If you think you are pregnant, you should take a home test or go see a doctor. Answer Yes, ... Read More »

I got my BFP!! This morning !!! Only took 6 tests before i thought it was true?

Sweetheart, I honestly have tears in my eyes for you angel.. I couldn't be happier for you, your hubby and your son!!! Did you give your DH the good news yet?!?! or how are you goign to tell him?!?... Read More »

How accurate are First Response pregnancy tests five days before you get menses?

The accuracy of the First Response Early Result pregnancy test increases the longer you wait to use it. At six days before your period is due, First Response correctly detects 68 percent of pregnan... Read More »

When is the earliest your breasts can leak colostrum I was told to squeeze my nipples when I thought I was pregnant and something came out but the prgnancy tests are coming out negative and positive.?

Answer if one test is coming out positive, then you should go and see your doctor. The first one may have come out negative if you took it too soon. if you've never breast fed before, then really... Read More »