Thesis Ideas in Public Relations?

Answer There's never been a more challenging time to to be in public relations. The media landscape seems to change daily. The rise of blogs and e-magazines has fragmented public awareness like never befo... Read More »

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What is a public relations job?

The primary responsibility in a public relations (PR) role is to communicate favorable information to the public with the goal of establishing or maintaining a positive company or brand image. Some... Read More »

Public Relations Degrees?

If you enjoy reading about celebrities, studying and analyzing big business ventures and writing journal articles---or can envision yourself acting as the representative for a public figure---a car... Read More »

Public Relations Issues?

Truth and reality can be a very blurry line. Public relations firms help ensure that the line remains blurred for businesses and institutions with regards to public knowledge. "Spin doctors" has be... Read More »

How to Work in Public Relations?

Those working within the field of public relations are the communication link between the company or organization that they represent and the general public. Public relations specialists are involv... Read More »