These chips are in dvds and remote controls?

Answer Universal remote controls that are mass produced often cost no more than a dollar or so to make. The automated production lines and very low cost of electronic components keep the cost very low in... Read More »

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How are Sky plus Remote Controls better than the competitors remote controls?

A Sky+ remote is better in that it allows you to rewind, pause, fast forward, play, record, and stop playback of a program. The Sky+ also offers 40 hours of program playback.

To reset parental controls a rca 27f530t tv and you only have the direct tv remote wich doesnt have the same button options as the rca factory remote?

The CW network(WNLO) channel on Direct TV is on Channel 23.

When did remote controls come out?

Remote controls came out when television was produced. Wii remote controls came out when the Wii was realesed.

Why do men like to hold the remote controls?