These 2 messages keep appearing?

Answer The first one usually means that something is trying to change your internet home page. To solve this run a good virus scan (mcafee or norton or f-secure) and also run an antispyware program like s... Read More »

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How do you get rid of ESPN on my dam cell phone I keep getting messages every few minutes im sick of these messages please help me to find a way to stop them on my cell phone?

How can you stop your messages just appearing on your front screen you would sooner your phone just notifying you that you have messages you do not want your messages on your front screen please help?

Jailbreak:Step 1. Update to 4.0.1 or download firmware belowiPhone 3gs 4.0.1:,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipswiPhone 3g 4.0.1: Read More »

Why does this keep appearing?

You are being attacked by hackers. Permanently ban them in your firewall. Also update your AntiVirus and do a full service scan. Some free malware protectors are:I prefer Avast, but AVG is just as ... Read More »

How do you keep a playlist on iTunes without it appearing on your iPod?

hi jr! i think the only way to do this is to manage ur music manually - then u control what playlists/songs are copied to ur ipod. there is a setting u need to make in itunes - give this a try:1. ... Read More »