Thermaltake litepower 450w psu this psu runs sapphire hd 7770 vapor-x good ?

Answer No, upgrade the PSU.

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Sapphire hd 7770 1gb ddr5 compatibility?

Yes, it's fine with your motherboard.Just make sure that your computer's power supply meets the card's requirements- at least 450 watts and provides a dedicated 6-pin power connector.

HD 7950-Sapphire vapor-x vs gigabyte?

Sapphire's Vapor-X cooler seems good, not sure whether this particular model has any problem or notyou didn't mention the gigabyte model, but most of the higher end gigabyte graphics card comes wit... Read More »

Radeon HD 7950- Sapphire vapor-x or gigabyte windforce?

Gigabyte has been my favorite PC part company for a while. I believe they make the most reliable motherboards, and I decided to give their graphics cards a shot.My old HD 5770 was a Sapphire and it... Read More »

Is gtx 650 good or hd 7770 how many more years will these gpu last?

Hi Again,Well, since you stated earlier that you're gonna be playing on 720p only, then I can comfortably say that the HD7770 can last you up until 3 years before you notice that it is already stru... Read More »