Thermaltake Case Wiring?

Answer Thermaltake is a company that provides a variety of computer products. The business offers relatively high-end products and caters to video game enthusiasts who like snazzy looking cases, extra pow... Read More »

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Thermaltake litepower 450w psu this psu runs sapphire hd 7770 vapor-x good ?

How was the first house electrical wiring and telephone wiring put in how did the light switches work?

The oldest wiring I have run across is either knob and tube or cleat wiring. The wires did have insulation (rubber had already been invented) and the were supported off the wood frame of the house ... Read More »

How i connect my case to phone line, my case dosen't have RJ11 socket?

you need a dial-up modem…

My parents adopted my kids and they get help for that. but the child support has an open case with me how can i close my case or work some thing out with them?