Thermal Inventions?

Answer Thermal inventions have made life easier inside and outside of the home when cold temperatures are present. They have also improved our ability to see at night and given us a method for seeing thro... Read More »

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Which is warmer: thermal or silk thermal underwear?

On One Hand: They Are Equally WarmThere is silk thermal underwear, and then there is thermal underwear made from a variety of other materials. One of the most common and basic is wool thermal under... Read More »

Who can help with new inventions?

On One Hand: Patent OfficeThe United States Patent Office can help you protect your new ideas, even before it is thoroughly developed. You can file a Provisional Patent Application with the Patent ... Read More »

What are some NASA inventions?

How do I sell new inventions?

In order to sell an invention, an inventor must first get the idea for the invention properly patented. Then, ideally, a prototype of the invention can be made and some of those prototypes can be s... Read More »