There's this egg thats suppose to open on the 10th of october,?

Answer If you think it's a bad egg babe just get rid of it, thats all i can advise xx

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When is the sunset on October 10th 2010 in Philadelphia PA?

*** Sun and Moon Data *** ----------------------------------------- Local Data for the Day Oct 10, 2010 ----------------------------------------- Location Philadelphia PA, USA (GMT - 5 hours) ... Read More »

If your insurance bill is due on October 1 is that payment for September or October?

Yes. If your payment is due on October 01, then that is the payment for October. I'm not sure why you would think it's the September payment...

What is the name of a 10th anniversary?

The 10th wedding anniversary is traditionally referred to as the "tin" anniversary. For this occasion, couples often gift each other with items made of tin, pewter or aluminum, although more recent... Read More »

Is there a 10th kingdom book?

Yes. The 10th Kingdom, a Hallmark miniseries, was adapted into a novel by Kathryn Wesley. The book was published by Hallmark Entertainment Books in 2000. The 10th Kingdom can be purchased online at... Read More »