There's this egg thats suppose to open on the 10th of october,?

Answer If you think it's a bad egg babe just get rid of it, thats all i can advise xx

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When is the sunset on October 10th 2010 in Philadelphia PA?

*** Sun and Moon Data *** ----------------------------------------- Local Data for the Day Oct 10, 2010 ----------------------------------------- Location Philadelphia PA, USA (GMT - 5 hours) ... Read More »

Had sex 3 times this month and the last time a lot of blood came then the next day it was brownish now theres nothing what does this mean?

Answer Sometimes blood follows sex.. it could have been many types of bleeding, ovulation, or other things.. if you are desiring pregnancy than I would take a test in a couple weeks, I would for s... Read More »

Wel theres this girl in school and to shy , i get nervous around her , what do i do?

Learn how to spell and type and then approch her

You are coming out of a mall, theres this guy at the parking lot, on a wheelchair, next to a Van...?

I've heard it before that someone would pretend to be a disabled and try to kidnap/rape you. I also once saw such "scam" in a movie. However, if he were really a disabled and needed such help, it w... Read More »