There's some color disfiguration on my tv screen how shall i fix it up?

Answer The discoloration may be due to having an unshielded speaker too close to your TV. Do you have a speaker sitting near your TV? If so try moving it and see if the colors realign. If you move the spe... Read More »

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If it's an LCD screen don't go swatting it. Gently lift it off with a spit-moistened finger and escort it to the great outdoors. Or step on it, depending on how you feel about the miracle of life... Read More »

I could use some advice, my screen monitor has an annoying color problem.?

Since you've ruled out faulty cables, it is most likely a capacitor problem that is causing your LCD screen to behave the way it does. The periodic nature of the problem points to this possibility.

My Laptop, has developed some web like marks in blue color on the screen, Pl suggest corrective action?

If I'm understanding you correctly, your laptop has an unusual colored tint on your screen, correct?I do not think you can take much action other than replacement. When damages occur to the screen ... Read More »

Theres a green line running horizontally in the middle of my TV screen?

You have a faulty TV set,if its still under warranty best to call out the tech guys.