There's a person I know personally but can't add on Facebook?

Answer when you get an error message, you just need to try again later... maybe they deactivated their accountthere's no trick or anything you can use to get around an error

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Why suddenly on facebook , i can see 'facebook user' and i cant answer to this person anymore ?

If it says you can no longer message them, then yes.

Did you know that theres a ringtone that parents cant hear, but teens and kids CAN?

Yes I did its that high pitched one and its annoying as all hell.- AnswerMan

I wanted know if theres a way to get on myspace from school becasue theres a block on and htmate2.?

This bundle runs straight out of the box - If you want to bypass web filters or proxy servers blocking any site, you can use Opera with Tor to safely and anonymously view or download whatever you w... Read More »

How to Know If Someone Blocked a Person on Facebook Without Your Permission?

Facebook lets you contact others by searching their name or email. Once you've friended someone, you can post on their wall and view their photos. However, even before someone accepts a friend requ... Read More »