There were these white balls that looked like eggs in mulch what was it?

Answer Those balls may have been ant eggs****Mushroom spores.

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I've had a sore throat for a few days and today I finally looked at it and found little white balls that...?

not definatly strep. once i hade those same spots with a sore throat. the doc said it wasnt strep. could be an allergy

What were aliens in Sci-fi entertainment that were said to be attractive and were there any male aliens like that?

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Is there a similar chocolate that tastes like the cadbury mini eggs that are found only for easter?

Yes there is. You ever heard of Eggies? It's produced by Hershey and is also sold at Easter. The Cadbury mini-eggs and Hershey's Eggies look AND taste alike, but there are *very* miniscule differen... Read More »

What was that animated show called where there were two cute white aliens on a sofa?