There is a promblem with my my laptop?

Answer I can tell how confused you are it's even hard to write a coherent sentence. But back to your problem you have either installed a misbehaving program or contracted virus's. In the worst case since ... Read More »

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Is there a way to get on a wireless network(internet) on a laptop with no password?

Yes, it's true. You just should be lucky to pick up a signal from a user who didn't protect his wireless network connection with a password. There are lots.Try to pick up a signal, driving around a... Read More »

Is there a way to use an iPad 2 with your windows laptop on Skype?

You have download puffin web browser on apple. It has two version one is free and the other one is $1.99.

Is there a way to connect to Xbox Live using a laptop with a wireless internet?

I am not sure but you can just plug an ethernet cord from your 360 directly into your router. It's not wireless but ethernet cords are cheaper then the wireless adapter for the 360. Then you can be... Read More »

BSOD Promblem Windows 7?

yes wiping the system from scratch will fix "all" computer issues :)I used to do this at work, Works out great!you can also switch your operating system to if you wo... Read More »