There is a problem when i use the internet please help?

Answer Different Browsers have different setting ways. Generally speaking, you can set at tools.

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Is there a way to get past the Short-Term memory problem when smoking weed Please fellow smokers help!?

I wouldn't add anything to try and fix the memory problem. If your having alot of memory problems after smoking it's because you are smoking too much. You have to experiment to figure out how much ... Read More »

Internet problem please help?

use google chrome and block ads by using chrome extensions ,it may work

Problem with Internet! Please help.?

iv had the exact same problem! all you have to do is contact your Internet provider (in my case- 02) and tell them to change your DNS code, your code will be similar to someones in your area and tw... Read More »

Internet Connection problem, please help!!!?

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider), I had the same problem with BT for months on end; took a few routers and phone calls to the problem resolved :P