There is a commercial that comes on TV that I need help finding?

Answer or youtube it moron.

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I need help finding a video card that supports 4 displays one main and 3 projectors.?

As previously mentioned, Matrox specializes in cards for multiple display setups.. they make both internal cards and external adapters to convert a single DVI or VGA port into 2 or 3 displays.Mains... Read More »

Need help finding a food store that sells gluten-FREE foods ?

It would be helpful if you had put what country or state you live in so that people would know what to recommend. In NC, Whole Foods and Earth Fare have good gluten free products. Kroger's also h... Read More »

Need Help Finding A Walmart Commercial On YouTube!?

Can anybody help me with finding the sprite that I want?

Here, I made one: tried to put it into the same basic format that your original image had, with one exception: Your sprites were antialiased for a blue background, wh... Read More »