There is A problem in my pen drive?

Answer nothing just use some software to format ur pendrive. Or go to youtube and search how to format write protected pendrive. Go through some tutorials. And done do it. It'l get fixed.

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My Lexmark printer is telling me there is a problem with my ink cartridges, but there isn't. What can I do?

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I want to upgrade my hard drive, is there a way to transfer everything to the new drive?

Depends what you are trying to do.Cant you just add the new drive and keep the existing one.If you cant you can take an image of your existing one and transfer it to the new one.Or you can re insta... Read More »

Usb pen drive problem?

you have deleted autorun.ini file from ur pendrive, probably in a virus scan,its not a big issuesolution is either create a file named autorun.ini or backup all data from ur pendrive by simply copy... Read More »