There are usually how many collisions in a motor vehicle crash?

Answer At least three 1. Car with object 2. Person with car 3. Internal organs with persons body If the car bounced off an object and hit something else that would be more collisions.

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In 2005, how many people died in motor vehicle accidents?

In 2005, 43,510 people died in motor vehicle accidents. These victims were involved in 39,252 fatal crashes; 5,864 victims were hit while they were not even in a vehicle traveling on the road.Refer... Read More »

If I had a motor vehicle accident and have property damage liability is the other drivers vehicle covered?

Liability That's what liability is all about. The keyword here is liability, which covers any incidents you may be liable for. Your policy will cover the vehicle, subject to policy limits. What hap... Read More »

Where do you usually head during the last hour work crash?

Bathroom stall. 'Bate and then take a nap.

The Insurance Motor Vehicle Act?

The Insurance Motor Vehicle Act, sometimes called the Insurance (Vehicle) Act of 2006 empowers insurers in the Canadian province of British Columbia to create their own regulations in dealing with ... Read More »