There are many Italians in indianapolis?

Answer There are some. Holy Rosary Church has served the Italian community in Indianapolis for over a hundred years. There's an Italian festival there each year.

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What do Italians really eat?

In italy food is verything, there isnt alot of fast food because its just poor qaulity. I have found some american chain restaurants in italy, most of which are darden owned. I would say italians a... Read More »

Why did Italians immigrate to the USA?

Historically, many of the Italians who emigrated to the United States did so because of poverty, overpopulation and natural disaster.OverpopulationFrom the 1870s, Italian birthrates began to rise a... Read More »

Why did Italians immigrate to the U.S.A.?

Italians have comprised one of the largest ethnic groups to immigrate to the United States. Most immigrants were young men who sent remittances back to their families and intended to return to Ital... Read More »

Do Italians drink tea?

o.o My heritage is Italian, and I drink tea, and, I'm Canadian, but, not British, of course anyone can drink tea. I personally drink herbal tea, though.