There a lots of weird things wrong with me... Could anyone tell me what it is?

Answer You should go see a doctor....

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Why am i starting to spend so much time on this when I have lots of other things to do.?

no,i am glad to hear that other people enjoy answers,why do you have to feel guilty about something that you enjoy so much do you see heroin addicts or alcoholics feel guilty about their addi... Read More »

The leaves on my tomatoes keep turning brown and fall off. but lots of nice fruit & new foliage. whats wrong?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Stop! You are not doing anything wrong. You have no problems. Everything is as it should be. It is not an ornamental plant, it's a veggie. What do you think the leaves... Read More »

Scared!! Seeing weird things?

One thing I can tell you is that it's very possible this isn't related to your period. It sounds like you almost passed out - that's why your vision went black and fuzzy. Whatever happened to you s... Read More »

I like White Castle but it makes me feel weird when I eat it. What's wrong with me?

However, if you think all oats are created equal, think again. There are definitely some oats which should not grace your breakfast table. Ever.What Are Oats?GroatsIf we are to understand how to ma... Read More »