There Is White Crud on My Oil Cap But My Car Is Not Losing Coolant?

Answer Removing your engine’s oil cap to find the underside clogged with crud is never a good sign, but it need not indicate a deformed head gasket and the top-end rebuild that necessitates. Even withou... Read More »

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How to Detect a Head Gasket From White Smoke With Low Coolant?

If your vehicle suddenly puts out a lot of white smoke from the exhaust or constantly uses excess amounts of engine coolant, chances are you have a bad head gasket on your hands. Head gaskets help ... Read More »

I'm losing track. How many roses and rosies are there?

Pit them against each other in a Texas style death cage match.May the best woman survive...

Is there an improvement in looks after losing weight ?

Yes, their is an improvement. Actually just motivated me to loose this extra 20Lb. I been putting off.

Is there any way to convert MKV files without losing quality?

That's impossible. Every time you convert you will lose quality, even when using the same quantizer. Your best bet would be to reduce the screen size and encode at a lower bit-rate than the origina... Read More »