There Is White Crud on My Oil Cap But My Car Is Not Losing Coolant?

Answer Removing your engine’s oil cap to find the underside clogged with crud is never a good sign, but it need not indicate a deformed head gasket and the top-end rebuild that necessitates. Even withou... Read More »

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How to Detect a Head Gasket From White Smoke With Low Coolant?

If your vehicle suddenly puts out a lot of white smoke from the exhaust or constantly uses excess amounts of engine coolant, chances are you have a bad head gasket on your hands. Head gaskets help ... Read More »

Holy crud, I have a pimple! D:?

Get about a cup of water and put about 2 tablespoons of salt in it. Get a cotton bud or the fluffy cotton stuff and put it on the cotton. And then put in on the spot. It dries out the spot really q... Read More »

Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse More crud, but coughing less than I was...?

I am not a physician. Cough up the crud as much as possible. An over the counter cough medicine can help bring it up. Call the doctor you just saw and tell his nurse or him what is going on now.... Read More »

What's the biggest pile of crud on the telly these days?

Those programmes looking for a new lead for a musical. Connie Fisher in the Maria thing was superb but to follow up with the Joseph one has devalued the whole exercise. The tears from all those blo... Read More »