Therapy for Fast Hair Growth?

Answer Before hair can grow, the scalp must be treated to ensure that it is healthy enough to support hair growth. Once the scalp is healthy, rapid hair growth can occur. Natural treatments are effective ... Read More »

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DIY: Fast Hair Growth?

Trying to grow out your hair can be a long, tedious and often frustrating ordeal. While you may think that your hair just grows very slowly, there may be things you are doing that are actually slow... Read More »

MTG for Fast Hair Growth?

Originally formulated for human use, MTG (Mane-Tail-Groom), is now an equine product manufactured by Shapely's for quick hair growth and for the treatment of animal coat ailments. However, the prod... Read More »

How to Promote Fast Hair Growth?

Have you recently decided that you want to grow your short hair out into a long style? Hair typically grows between 4 and 8 inches per year, so it may seem like your dream look is out of reach with... Read More »

Products for Fast Hair Growth?

The rate of hair growth is roughly half an inch per month. The rate and speed of hair growth may slow to a quarter of an inch or less as a person ages. Most people want healthy growing hair. There... Read More »