Theories on Computer Games & How They Affect School?

Answer Computer games have been a favored pastime for youth, and much research has been conducted to evaluate their impact they have on academics. But many of the studies have conflicting reports. Some re... Read More »

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Drugs & How They Affect Teens in School?

Teens can have access to many different types of drugs both at school and outside of school. Drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine are often available at parties with teens present. Heroin, hallucinog... Read More »

School Uniforms and How They Affect Kids?

The U.S. Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary School Principals reported an increase in the number of schools that require uniforms over the last several years of the ... Read More »

Will playing PC games affect the internet and speed of my laptop computer?

Yesss!!! It Downloads information insted of upload so you lose Internet speed and memory in short run its fine but in the long run your screwed. Because all all these tiny game sites don't edit the... Read More »

Primary School Computer Games?

The benefits of computer games used for primary-school activities are clear. The combination of enthusiasm and learning, the possibility of respecting the personal rhythm of progress through a stru... Read More »