Theories on Biological Evolution?

Answer Biological evolution is the idea that plants and animal are descendants of organisms that have gradually changed through time. Modern biologists consider evolution an elegant theory that both expla... Read More »

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What Are the Different Theories of Evolution?

The evolution of life on Earth has been an object of intense debate, various theories and elaborate studies. Influenced by religion, early scientists agreed with the theory of divine conception of ... Read More »

Difference Between Biological & Social Evolution?

Evolution refers to changes that take place slowly over time. These changes can occur biologically, as plants and animal adapt to life in a changing ecosystem, or socially, as peoples and societies... Read More »

What Are the Biological Theories of Criminology?

Criminology is the study of the psychology behind criminal behavior. This field focuses on the mental implications of a criminal, evaluating the influences that may turn a law-abiding citizen into ... Read More »

What's the different between Biological and Non Biological washing powderWhich one is better?

I've always wantted to know that one. it was answered not so long backWhat is the difference between a biological and non-biological washing powder ?Top Answer A biological washing powder contains ... Read More »