Theories of Social & Cultural Development?

Answer Ethnographers and anthropologists have developed several theories of social and cultural development during recent centuries. Social evolutionism, two schools of historicism (German and British dif... Read More »

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Theories of Second Language Development?

Some people are better than others at learning a second language. Second language acquisition theory provides answers to this puzzle. Stephen Krashen, a specialist in language development and acqui... Read More »

The Theories for Language Development in the First Year?

During the first year of life, a baby progresses from crying being the only form of communication to his first words. By the first year, usually the child will only speak a few words, but will be b... Read More »

Learning Theories About Reading Development?

Many learning theories concerning reading development have been put forth by academics. Many agree that a person's ability to learn to read is closely related to a variety of her cognitive processes.

Theories Associated With Oral Language Development?

Oral language development theories abound. Over the years, some ideas became obsolete as new ones arose, partly because better technology allows for deeper research. Today, four theories -- Behavio... Read More »