Theories of Social & Cultural Development?

Answer Ethnographers and anthropologists have developed several theories of social and cultural development during recent centuries. Social evolutionism, two schools of historicism (German and British dif... Read More »

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Components & Theories of Language Development?

There are two general arguments on language and speech development. The first is the empiricist point of view that speech is a learned behavior and that children learn speech by mimicking and imita... Read More »

Theories of Second Language Development?

Some people are better than others at learning a second language. Second language acquisition theory provides answers to this puzzle. Stephen Krashen, a specialist in language development and acqui... Read More »

The Theories for Language Development in the First Year?

During the first year of life, a baby progresses from crying being the only form of communication to his first words. By the first year, usually the child will only speak a few words, but will be b... Read More »

Theories in Early Childhood Development & Math?

A child begins learning from the very first day of life: figuring out how to eat, how to recognize faces, how to get his parents' attention. There are many theories developing about how children le... Read More »