Theories of Social Construction?

Answer A social construct is defined as anything that happens as a result of human interaction instead of happening independently. Its theory revolves around the fact that many of the things that happen i... Read More »

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Theories of Social & Cultural Development?

Ethnographers and anthropologists have developed several theories of social and cultural development during recent centuries. Social evolutionism, two schools of historicism (German and British dif... Read More »

What Are Social Psychology Theories?

Social psychology is a branch of the study of human behavior that focuses on behavior within a group. Social psychologists focus on the behaviors that members of a group all have in common. They st... Read More »

How to Compare Behavioral & Social Theories?

Over time, psychologists have adopted various methods for explaining how people feel and act. Behavioral psychologists tend to focus on measurable actions that occur at the individual level. They e... Read More »

Theories on Teacher Perception and Social Change?

A teacher's perceptions are shaped tremendously by social forces. Social changes can result in teachers having skewed or biased perceptions of some of the people they deal with on a daily basis. Ho... Read More »