Theories of Intelligence & Learning Styles?

Answer Most educators use some particular theory of intelligence or learning styles to inform their teaching. These theories are based on the idea that students have different strengths and learning prefe... Read More »

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Psychological Theories of Learning Styles?

The manner in which a person learns most readily is referred to as a learning style. Psychologists and educators alike have long been attempting to understand and utilize specific learning styles ... Read More »

Intelligence Learning Styles?

The noted psychologist Howard Gardner devised the theory that there are seven intelligences or ways students learn. His research is the basis for implementing learning styles in the classroom. When... Read More »

Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles?

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory was first published in his 1983 book "Frames of Mind." Gardner came up with seven different intelligence areas: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Music... Read More »

Theories of Learning & Motivation?

Theories of learning and motivation, under the auspice of psychology, evolved from the assumption of no or limited free will in the learner, to theories that focus on the ability of learners to pro... Read More »