Theories in Teaching Adults Literacy?

Answer Theories in teaching adults literacy can take the form of lesson plan components to strengthen literacy skills or applying research-based learning theories that are of particular interest to adult ... Read More »

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Theories for Teaching English to Adults?

Adults acquire new languages with more difficulty than children. While young children--regardless of their native language--can pick up English simply by regular, prolonged exposure to it, adult sp... Read More »

Theories for Teaching History?

A student's life experience will influence his perspective on history. Teachers use a plethora of methods to instill students with an appreciation for the past. Some methods stress the importance... Read More »

ESL Literacy Teaching Techniques?

ESL and EFL refer to teaching English as a second or foreign language. The main requirement to be an English teacher is being a native English speaker, but having a degree or TEFL certification sig... Read More »

Colonial Teaching Theories & Methods?

From 1607 until the eve of the American Revolution, British colonists brought their families and folkways to the American Colonies. England encouraged migration to dominate this sector of the New W... Read More »