Theories & Processes of Learning to Read?

Answer Learning to read is a complicated process that involves several areas within the brain and is influenced by an individual's environment. While no single factor can predict success or failure in the... Read More »

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Techniques for Applying Learning Processes in the Classroom?

Classroom learning is a result of effective instruction that engages all learners with strategies and techniques that teach and motivate at the same time. Application of techniques that work to fur... Read More »

Theories on Interactive Learning?

Interactive learning is an educational approach that promotes active participation among students. In contrast to traditional structures that emphasize passivity among students, interactive learnin... Read More »

Theories of Learning & Motivation?

Theories of learning and motivation, under the auspice of psychology, evolved from the assumption of no or limited free will in the learner, to theories that focus on the ability of learners to pro... Read More »

Learning Theories in the Classroom?

Learning theories are the result of hours of observing young people and their interaction with education. Learning theorists make well thought out suggestions about how children learn and how best... Read More »