Theater Games to Learn Diction?

Answer For actors, diction is the act of speaking clearly and understandably, so that the audience hears what is said without confusion or straining. Games to develop an actor's ability to articulate clea... Read More »

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How to Learn Correct Diction?

According to, you can achieve proper diction by speaking with clarity and enunciating each syllable and word properly. Having correct diction can make you sound more intelligent ... Read More »

Preschool Theater Games?

Preschool theater games engage younger students very effectively because they allow youngsters both to use their imaginations and to release energy from their active bodies. Teachers can modify tra... Read More »

Theater Games for Kindergarten?

Theatrical games are not just for building skills in aspiring actors. Even at the kindergarten level, they provide enjoyment as well as artistic outlets. They encourage children to learn to work bo... Read More »

Theater Improv Games for Children?

Kooky theater improv games are entertaining enough to become a staple of comedy clubs, but they're good for more than a few laughs. Children can learn from drama courses or just a few minutes of th... Read More »