The writing on my screen has gotten very small. How can I get the print bigger?

Answer Control panel - settings - display - select the desired display setting

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How do i get the writing on my computer screen bigger?

right click on desktop - Properties - Appearance - Font Size (choose Large or Extra Large)

My hotmail screen has gone really small- I can't barely see the writing, how do I get it back to normal?

Press cntl key and use the scroller on your mouse to increase or decrease the size other wise at the bottom right of the screen there should be a little box with a percentage in it if you click on ... Read More »

How do I stop and fix my computer problem with the print on my internet mail screen becoming to small to read?

Hold 'Ctrl' key down and roll the mouse wheel away from yourself.

How do I make the print screen button on my keyboard print the screen?

In order to use the 'Print Scrn' button on your keyboard, you have a couple of choices of what you can do.If you want to capture the entire screen that you see on your monitor, hold down the SHIFT ... Read More »