The whole megapixel theory what to believe?

Answer Marketing has led people to believe that "more is better" when selling cameras with high megapixel counts. This has become especially prevalent with the compact digital cameras. Unfortunately, stuf... Read More »

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Do you believe that Mp3 players have ruined C.D. sales as a whole?

yeah but i guess that's technology. i bet in a few years instead of selling a cd it will be bring your mp3 player, pay for the album and we'll put the songs on your mp3 player. maybe not even that,... Read More »

Can you use current software from 3 megapixel for 6 megapixel camera to download pictures and keep clarity if both use Scan Disk?

Answer Yes, in fact if you are running XP you need no software to download pictures from a digital camera. Just connect the camera and XP take it from there.

Do you believe the mattress ads that tell us that after 8 years you need to buy a whole new bed?

I have seen those ads on tv but I ignore them because it is just sales strategy and fear that dust mites might get ya as you sleep. Oohh scary!!! loljust kidding.I have had the same bed for over 8 ... Read More »

Is a 5 megapixel camera better than a 10 megapixel?

For most usage, 5mp is more than enough. Generally, the more pixels, the more space available to crop. For most general usage, 5mp is more than enough. Remember: COMPOSITION IS KEY! Is the image ... Read More »