The tube that carries food and oxygen from mother to baby is the cord?

Answer Umbilical cord.

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Through which tube does a baby get food or oxygen from its mother whilst it is in the womb?

While in the womb the baby gets everything it needs from the mother through the umbilical cord.

How does a baby get food and oxygen from the mother when its in her womb?

The placenta pulls the oxygen and nutrients from the Mothers' blood , and delivers it to the baby via the umbilical cord .

How does a baby get oxygen once the umbilical cord has been cut?

The cord is cut once the baby is delivered and the baby doesnt need the cord for oxygen anymore then as it breathes air.

What would happen if a mother never cut the umbilical cord from a baby?

They call this a Lotus Birth, and there are people who do this. The cord falls off like it would if you had cut it. Families who do this usually rub essential oils and salts over the placenta so ... Read More »