The top of my bottom crack is really sore its hard to sit down?

Answer As John B said- sudocream- basically nappy rash cream- i'm being serious as it works for babies. You can get it from Boots. Wear cotton knickers too. I have sensitive skin and use sudocream to stop... Read More »

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How to Crack the Bottom Part of Your Back?

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Are there any natural remedies to heal a crack in your bottom?

ROFLMCrackOFF!!! hahaha is your crack bleeding? Perhaps you should see a doctor!! How big is this crack? Does it go from Asshole to breakfast time??? Oh you poor thing!!

What about constantly hard and mildly sore nipples rather than sore or enlarged breasts combined with a late period could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes this could be pregnancy related. Perform a HPT.

Where can you get instructions on repairing a small crack in the bottom of your fiberglass boat?

Answer 1There are several websites that feature fix-it-yourself fiberglass boat repair. I know if I were to seek this information, I would start with my local Library first. Answer 2, Additional in... Read More »