The top left side of my head hurts. help please thanks.?

Answer take time off, see a doctor, wear a sunhat from now on.

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The left side of my head hurts?

Oh my gosh, this exact same thing happened to me over the summer. i ended up in the emergency room i was in so much pain. i hope that isn't what ends up happening to you. what you should do is drin... Read More »

I have a small pimple like bump on the left side of my head in the scalp area. It hurts when I touch it...?

Put some toothpaste on it before you go to bed. You can put a small patch of Kleenex on top so it doesn't make a mess. It should dry it up in a couple of days.

My left arm hurts please help?

bad flow of blood going through. think of ways to increase its flexibility and stretch slowly and see a doctor

PLEASE HELP my head hurts?

It could be a tension headache, similar to migraine.I suffered with them for a while and it was hell, off food and needed dark rooms, got paramax tablets from GP and they worked a treat, noticed wh... Read More »