The time and date on my computer keeps changing?

Answer Here are a couple of forums where someone has asked the same question, maybe one of the answers will help you...…â€... Read More »

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Excel keeps changing my data into time/dates?

Before typing the text, select the cell, then right click, select format cells.When the window appears, on the left select 'text'. then click ok, and you r done.Hope it works.

The colour on my computer keeps changing by itself. How do I fix this?

is it a rainbow type effect or just different colours.If it is different colours try updating or reinstalling the graphic driver.If it is the rainbow then there is a problem inside the monitor that... Read More »

Our computer keeps getting a virus from time to time. My husband says its caused by my Sims 2 game.?

I don't think it's from your Sims 2 game. The only way it could be is if you downloaded custom content of for your game. Although the virus couldn't have come from the game itself, it def... Read More »

My computer keeps on restarting on me every time i log in, what do i do?