The textbook discusses music CDs and uses this as an example of supply and demand analysis How will the Apple Ipod innovation affect the musical CD industry?

Answer Answer I think that the iPod was designed to take a bit of the market from CDs but not a great deal. The iPod was intended to expand the music market rather than take a piece of it away from exist... Read More »

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How do taxes affect supply and demand?

The law of supply and demand demonstrates the relationship between prices, supply and demand. When taxes go up or down, there can be a direct effect on supply and demand in some cases.Supply and De... Read More »

How to Determine the Factors That Affect a Supply & a Demand?

The relationship between supply and demand is a fundamental concept of economics. A supply is the amount of a good that is present and available. A demand is the quantity of a product or a service ... Read More »

What is scarcity&how does it affect supply&demand in the game of economics?

Scarcity is an economic principle that forces people to make choices based on a limited number of resources. This affects supply and demand based on how many people want a given item.ChoicesPeople ... Read More »

How Does Fixed Interest Rate Affect Money Supply & Demand?

A fixed interest rate can be a good or bad thing depending on the rate and economic conditions. It can be used to control the supply and demand of money as well. It's really important to realize th... Read More »