The term "Medical Science" Is an oxymoron. Please discuss.?

Answer 80% of conventional medicine is not based on "science" at all. It's based on commonly accepted theories, many of which will be proven false as time goes by, like most of the historical conventional... Read More »

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How to Discuss Science With a Creationist?

Science and evolution are interesting topics, which can go a variety of ways if brought up in conversation. This article will be helpful in how to discuss them with a creationist.

How to Constructively Discuss Science with a Creationist?

The issue of Intelligent Design (ID) vs. Evolution has been a hot topic in the media recently. The recent decision of a Federal court in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District conclud... Read More »

What does the medical term iv mean?

In medical terminology, IV means intravenous. This can refer to the general process of intravenously feeding a liquid into the body, as in "IV antibiotics." It can also refer to the actual substanc... Read More »

What is BID in medical term?